DJFGQBNYJs Productions loves music. We love to play it, listen to it, talk about it and if it was a food we would love to eat it. Liam Flanagan started playing music as a child with the trumpet and has evolved in his years to become proficient at Drums, Guitar, bass and Piano/Keys. In 2007 Down Stares Studio was designed and constructed and is now home to many great podcasts plus is still an amazing little studio for all your recording needs. Below you will find Liam Flanagans music projects and more information on Down Stares Studio. 

VUltan and the Hawkmen


Based out of Portland, Vultan and the Hawkmen is Liam Flanagans on going music project. A tool for scratching the recording or live show itches. Vultan and the Hawkmen have two full length albums available.

 Vultan and the Hawkmen

Vultan and the Hawkmen

All songs written by Liam Flanagan

Vocals, Keys, Drums / Liam Flanagan
Guitar / Nick Closson
Drums / Jeff Ferrier


Es Que Asi Es

Es Que Asi Es

All Songs written by Liam Flanagan

Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Keys / Liam Flanagan

Lead Guitar, Bass, Vocals / David Rives Curtright

Featering: ELise Helms, Kelly Blair Bauman and Matt Ruhland

LIam Flanagan solo


DOwn Stares Studio

Built in 2007 Down Stares Studio is the home of DJFGQBNYJs Producitons. Down Stares Studio has recorded many different and talented artists such as Patoirlove, Carley Baer, and Javahn. Down Stares Studio is also the home of Podcasts like My three Songs, In the Studio and many many more.

24 track recording capabilities a wide variety of Microphones, amps and rooms to record in, Down stares studio is the perfect place for your next  recording adventure. Demos, Albums, Podcasts, Comedy or what ever your sound engineering needs are, Down Stares Studio has the experience, talent and commitment to make everything sound great.