What i like

 Hosted by the one and only DJ Flash Gordon Quarterback New York Jets, What I Like is a music and laughter based show, playing a variety of genres of music from Rock to Hip Hop, to Country with funny rants and clips. Live on the Radio Mondays 5-7 on or any time HERE.


My THREE songs

Two People, three songs each, and a lot of Marijuana.

My Three Songs is  High-larius look into the musical tastes of Musicians, Actors and Comedians when they are super high. Each week DJ Flash Gordon Quarterback New York Jets and Nico host a new guest with a new batch of songs. Half DJ Battle, Half Mystery Science 3000 My Three Songs is a fun ride.


Dreams at 15

Host Jess Jenkens takes listeners around Portland and beyond to meet people and find out what their dreams were at 15.

Trump Interviews

Trump Talks